Lymington & District International Twinning Association
Lymington & District International Twinning Association (LITA) was established in 1981, when a link with Vitré (stemming from concerts given in its church in the 1970’s by the Lymington Choral Society) was created. This formalised a bond of friendship between the towns which would, through exchange visits, enable people to experience each others’ lifestyles and cultures and support community and civic links.   As LITA grew, membership expanded to include residents of the surrounding area; and links with Almansa and Mosbach were established in 1993 and 1996 respectively. Many longstanding personal friendships have been established over the years, and a generation of children benefited from the school exchanges which were set up. Members also enjoy social events, and French, Spanish & German conversation groups.

   Almansa SPAIN


   Mosbach GERMANY


   Vitré FRANCE

Almansa is located 50 miles inland from Alicante, Almansa nestles beneath a dramatic hilltop castle. The town is famous for its weeklong May Fiesta, featuring processions and re-enactments with Moors and Christians in spectacular costumes. We have been twinned with Almansa since 1993.
Mosbach is in the Neckar Valley near Heidelburg, surrounded by a hilly, wooded landscape dotted with romantic castles. The pedestrianised medieval Old Town has many splendidly restored half-timbered houses, and interesting museums. Our twinning link with Mosbach dates back to 1998.
Vitré is the best preserved medieval town in Brittany, Vitré is located 20 miles east of the capital Rennes. Its imposing fortress-castle and ramparts, and its colourful half-timbered houses, hark back to the prosperous days of wool and cloth merchants. Our link with Vitré was established in 1981.
Trips & Visits
The last LITA trip to Almansa was from 2 May to 6 May 2012
The next visit by Almansa twinners to Lymington will be in 2013
Trips & Visits
The next LITA trip to Mosbach wil be 22 to 27 May 2013
The last visit by Mosbach twinners to Lymington was from Sept 28 to October 1 2012
Trips & Visits
The last LITA trip to Vitré was from 25 May to 29 May 2012
The next visit by Vitré twinners to Lymington will be in 2013

The LITA visit Vitré and Mosbach every two years, and in the intervening years they visit us. Exchanges with Almansa take place every two years. Forthcoming visits are publicised in our newsletters and on the LITA website
Local people in our Twin Towns accommodate us as their guests when we visit, and we return the hospitality when they come to us. In this way, members can experience at first-hand life in another European household, and become familiar with their hosts’ lifestyle. Being unable to accommodate guest(s) in your own home does not rule out joining our trips abroad, as you can contribute towards the activities of LITA in other ways - for example, by helping out with social events.


We provide scope for people of all ages and backgrounds, individuals as well as families. If you don’t speak the foreign language, you will be linked with a host/guest who speaks English. There is often a mix of English and the foreign langauge, helped along by sign language and a lot of laughter! On every visit, organised (but optional) communal activities include a civic reception to welcome the visitors, one or more day outings to local tourist attraction(s), and an informal social evening with a meal. For the rest of the time, guests are entertained by their hosts.