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Gardens create lovely additional space for relaxing and entertaining so it's important that you plan how you want to use the garden not only during the warmer summer months but throughout the year. With stylish gazebos and hot tubs now available for all year round use together with swim spas that provide a great alternative to a swimming pool, anything seems possible for the garden these days and you don't necessarily need a big garden.

A well kept garden has a role to play in the sale of a property and even types of flowers can persuade house hunters to buy a property according to some articles on how to sell your home. It is therefore important not to neglect the garden when it comes to selling.

Good landscaping will transform the look and feel of your home and can give you a higher price. Your garden should look like a space to relax and entertain; potential buyers like to imagine themselves on a Sunday morning enjoying a coffee with the paper, or inviting friends around for a barbecue..... weather permitting of course So if it doesn't, it would be worth investing in making it look more attractive with some colourful planting, inexpensive garden furniture and perhaps think about some garden lighting to create an outside space house hunters would want to enjoy.

Remember potential buyers are often drawn to the windows during a viewing as most people look for a pleasant outlook so it needs to look as inviting as possible.
Two local specialists in creating or enhancing your outside space, give us their thoughts.....
Firstly we hear from Helen Elks-Smith an award winning Landscape & Garden designer with her thoughts on planning that perfect garden to enjoy throughout the year.
Helen Elks-Smith
SO43 7PE
tel:02381 782 660

RHS Tatton 2015 International Year of Light
Winner RHS Chelsea Flower Show Silver Medal 2014
Winner BALI National Awards Design Excellence 2013
It takes just 3 minutes before we start to measurably relax when outside and this has a positive impact on our well being. Within the beautiful setting of the New Forest there is much to inspire us. Creating a timeless garden not only provides space to enjoy the life outdoors but also acts as an important connection between the house and the wider landscape. Gardens and landscapes that reflect their location, whether the property is contemporary or traditional, will 'nestle' peacefully into the surroundings and stand the test of time.

Gardens tend to look rather lovely in June, the trees are in full canopy, lawns lush and flowers often bursting out. But this richness of colour can often fizzle out by end of the summer. So with a cup of tea in hand now is the time to relax, take a seat in the garden and review what works well and what needs improvement. We tend to purchase most plants in spring and early summer and so most plants in our gardens tend to peak at this time. But with a little planning our gardens can offer interest over a wider number of months and work a little harder for us.

James Burford conveyancing solicitor, LymingtonIn the summer we tend to spend time in the rear garden but in winter we often barely step outside, whilst passing through our front gardens every day. Front gardens are about people and not cars. We do need space for cars but paths to front doors and even in the smallest front gardens we have space for plants. A focus on winter and early spring means those 3 minutes will start as soon as we arrive home, throughout the year and not simply on a glorious summers day in June. There are plenty of wonderful winter and spring flowering shrubs and herbaceous plants that we can plant out now to rewards us this winter. In the depths of winter daphne odora or sweet box (sarcococca confusa) planted close to your front door will lift your spirits and planted now will reward you with both colour and scent. And once that is all planted out its worth rewarding your hard work with a second cup of tea and with a bulb catalogue in hand plan for those additional seasonal highlights to add splashes of colour and interest in the intervening months.
Want to create a space to relax and unwind? Eddie from Happy Hot Tubs explains what a hot tub installation can do for our health and wellbeing.
Happy Hot Tubs
Happy Hot Tubs - Southampton
Cadnam Garden Centre
Southampton Road
SO40 2NB
tel: 02380 811611
A Lloyds of London survey published in 2013 claimed that 10 per cent of homes in the UK now has a hot tub. With these figures suggesting that over 2 million UK households now have a hot tub, what is it that has encouraged the British people to get 'hot tubbing'?

James Burford conveyancing solicitor, LymingtonOne of the main things is the change in perception of hot tubs. Once denoted as the fake-tanned, gold-wearing garden toy of the Essex elite, the hot tub has now begun to appeal to a much wider range of people. Our business has been selling hot tubs to the South Coast for the past 15 years and my father was one of the founders of the UK hot tub industry. During this time, we have delivered happiness to retired individuals, young families and everyone in-between. But how do people benefit from hot tubs?

Hot tubs offer a form of hydrotherapy that is accessible on a daily basis. From jets that move on your back to foot massage jets, the relaxation is guaranteed But the importance of this hydrotherapy becomes apparent when we hear stories from our customers. We regularly receive feedback that thank us for the pain relief our tubs offer and this feedback makes our job truly worthwhile.

So when considering how to make the most of your outside space this summer, think about your wellbeing and consider a hot tub!
Homes with beautiful gardens for sale
Londesborough Place, Lymington
4 bedroom town house

House Network
Tel:01245 930165
Kitwalls Lane, Milford on Sea
4 bedrooms
with 3 bedroom Annexe

Tel:01590 675875
Adlams Lane, Sway
4/5 bedrooms
with 1 bedroom Annexe

Spencers of the New Forest
Tel:01590 674222
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Polly and Shirley first started working together some ten years go at an Estate Agents on Lymington Quay. Between them they share well over 20 years’ experience in the property industry and have an in-depth knowledge of the housing market in southern Hampshire, the New Forest and South Coast.
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