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  Notable Days 2015
Jan 1 New Year's Day
  6   Epiphany Christians to celebrate the three wise men's visit to Jesus
  25   Robert Burns Night Scottish poet's birthday (1759-1796)
Feb 14   Valentine's Day The saint was first associated with love in the works of Geoffrey Chaucer
  17   Shrove Tuesday Pancake Day
  19   Chinese New Year
Mar 1   St David's Day Patron saint of Wales
  8   International Women's Day Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace
  15   Mothering Sunday Mothers Day
  17   St Patricks Day Patron saint of Ireland
  20   The first day of Spring Vernal Equinox (time 22:45)
  29   Palm Sunday Christ's entry into Jerusalem, people carry crosses made of palm leaves
  29   British Summertime Clocks go forward
Apr 1   April Fool's Day A day were practical jokes and general foolishness are tolerated
  2   Maundy Thursday Commemorates the Last Supper
  3 Good Friday Commemorates Christ's Crucifixion
  5   Easter Sunday Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ
  6 Easter Monday Traditional sport of Egg rolling, hard-boiled eggs rolled down a hill
  21   Queen Elizabeth's Birthday (also, the official birthday is on June 8, 2013)
  23   St George's Day Patron saint of England
May 4 May Day Early May Bank Holiday
  25 Spring Bank Holiday Bank Holiday
Jun 13   Trooping the Colour at Horse Guards Parade in Whitehall
  21   Father's Day Sunday
  21   The first day of Summer Summer Solstice, the longest day in the year (time 16:38)
  27   Armed Forces Day Public awareness of those who serve in Her Majesty's Armed Forces
Jul 15   St. Swithin's Day Whatever the weather on St. Swithin's Day, it will continue for 40 days
Aug 31 Summer Bank Holiday
Sep 23   The first day of Autumn Autumnal Equinox (time 08:20)
Oct 25   British Summertime Clocks go back
  31   Halloween Activities: trick-or-treating, carving faces in pumpkins
Nov 1   All Saints Day Commemorates all the saints
  2   All Souls' Day Catholic Church hold services, to remember deceased family & friends
  5   Guy Fawkes Night Festivities centred on fireworks and the lighting of bonfires
  8   Remembrance Sunday Commemorating those who died in two World Wars
  20   Universal Children's Day To promote understanding and welfare of the world's children
  30   St Andrew's Day Patron saint of Scotland
Dec 22   The first day of Winter Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year (time 04:48)
  25 Christmas Day
  26   Boxing Day
  28 Substitute Bank Holiday for Boxing Day being on a Saturday
Full Moon 2015 * Lunar eclipse
5 January
4 February
5 March
4 April *
4 May
2 June
2 July
31 July
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25 December
Wedding anniversary years
Before the 1930s, not all wedding anniversaries had a material representing the year, only the milestone anniversaries such as the 1st, 10th, 20th, 25th, 50th and 70th had a material gift suggestion.

Over the years more materials were added and the list updated by various American and British commercial companies.
Paper 1 Carnation
Cotton 2 Lily of the valley
Leather 3 Sunflower/Geranium
Linen 4 Hydrangea
Wood 5 Daisy
Iron 6 Calla Lily
Copper 7 Freesia
Pottery 8 Lilac/Clematis
Willow 9 Poppy
Tin 10 Daffodil
Steel 11 Tulip
Silk 12 Peony
Lace 13 Chrysanthemum/Hollyhock
Ivory 14 Dahlia
Crystal 15 Rose
China 20 Aster
Silver 25 Iris
Pearl 30 Sweet Pea
Coral 35 No associated flower
Ruby 40 Gladiolus
Sapphire 45 No associated flower
Gold 50 Violets
Emerald 55 No associated flower
Diamond 60 No associated flower