Beaulieu Aerodrome
  More stories my grandfather told me by John Lewis
Being from a carter family my grandfather would often be out and about early, on this occasion he had been to Southampton with his father, my great grandfather in a horse and cart.

On the way back at Lyndhurst outside the old Police Station which was in Southampton Road they where told to pull over to allow the King's new troops to pass so as to get to the docks to go to the Front in France

This was the 1st World War, the road was narrow and they where held up for hours which did not amuse my great grandfather. But my grandfather did say a lot of the new recruits where local men and they called out to Joe (great grandfather) saying, "see you at Christmas Joe, we'll soon show the Hun".  How wrong they were as most of them never made it to Christmas let alone come home. My grandfather also said, he did not know how true it was, but rumor had it that when the last troops marched pass them the first where passing though the dock gates of Southampton.*

This is quite likely, if a soldier took up 2 metres of space marching in single file and the distance was 12 km, it would work out at 6,000 soldiers.

[Southampton was the main military embarkation port in August 1914. A total of 8,149,685 troops and their equipment departed for mainland Europe through the port. A steady flow of refugees, prisoners of war and 1,177,125 wounded came back to England through Southampton. Wikipedia]

Beaulieu Camp c1907
Arrival of the 1st Buckinghamshire Battalion at Sway station c1914
Sway Camp c1911
Another story my grandfather told was of the time he went shopping on a Saturday in Lymington, as he done all his married life up until he was too old. It was just before the 2nd World War and a gentleman stood on the Town Hall steps (now Earley Court) and declared to the people of Lymington to prepare for war with Germany.

The crowd cried him down shouting the Government had a piece of paper from Hitler stating that Germany will not fight Great Britain. How wrong the people of Lymington were for within the year they where fighting Germany all on their own.

The gentleman in question was John Howlett, the founder of  Wellworthy Piston Rings Limited who had been to Germany on business and did not like what he saw, the Germans where making in readiness for total domination of Europe. 

The Town Hall in the lower High Street was built 1913 and demolished in 1966 to make way for the Earley Court shopping precinct.