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  Comments on Lymington Memories sent in by Keith Laming
Came across the Lymington Memories by WK Knight on your website when looking up my grandfather George Smith who is mentioned on the page.
I spoke to my mother who said nice to read but a few things wrong.
Grandad Smith ran the boatyard at Ropewalk with Jim and Bill and later Robin (not Robert) trained and worked as a shipwright there. Jim worked for the Merchant Navy and the lightships and then at Fawley Refinery and didn't spend a lot of time at the boatyard. The barge was moored along by the Royal Lymington Yacht Club not by Lymington Marina. The hold was filled with cement to keep her in place.
Uncle Jim supplied quite a lot of things for the St Barbe Museum which is indeed by the old C of E School which we all attended and Honky Hoare used to throw bits of chalk at the kids in his class and hit them with a ruler. He was teacher to Jim, Bet, Bill and Pat but not Robin or me. Uncle Jim used to give talks to the children in later years about 'olde Lymington'.
George Smith also wrote a book
Secrets of George Smith Fisherman
An extract from Lymington Memories - by W K Knight
The fishing boat in the middle right of the picture above was painted grey and belonged to George Smith who at one time owned Rope Walk Boatyard with his 2 sons Bill and Robert Smith this was prior to Peter Webster buying the yard. I done an apprenticeship at Peter Webster’s as a Shipwright and worked under Rob Smith.

George and Bill were riggers there as Peter Webster employed them when he bought the yard, the photo that you have would have been taken c1965 and behind the photographer would have been Peter Webster’s pontoon and prior to the pontoon being put there he had a Spritsail Barge called the Minadosa which ended it’s days where Lymington Yacht Haven is now. The mast and deck winch was used on the pontoon as a crane to step the masts on the new yachts we launched at the quay and towed to the pontoon.

Also what dates the photo exactly is the white building in the distance which is in fact still there and is the other side of the railway line and is a clear span prefabricated building which they did not have in the 50’s the building was erected in 1965 and was an engineering workshop.