A walk around Lymington
Normandy Lane
History of Lymington by Charles Percy Jones, 1930......... the land reverted to its original state of marsh land, and became covered completely with the little red Marsh Samphire, presenting a glorious spectacle of colour.
On Sunday, 5th November, 1916, there was an extraordinary storm in the Solent and a monster wave, (such as had never, tradition says, been seen for a hundred years of more) invaded Lymington, sweeping entirely away a great stretch of embankment, and flooding houses inland to a depth of three of four feet. One curious result of this storm-wave was that on its retirement it left behind a fertile muddy silt. From this period a fine strong grass began to grow and displaced the Samphire. After that it seems that there were many seeds of a Kentish perennial clover left there, and now this clover is fast conquering the grass. Where the grass has been cut and rolled it has become very close and fine, so that turves have been removed for a bowling green.
Pictures of Lymington town and countryside
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