A walk around Lymington
Normandy Lane
From, Songs of Lymington published in 1867 by Lymington printer Henry Doman.

Beautiful is Lymington,
Terraced by the sea:
Queenly from her wooded steep,
She looks down upon the deep,
Where on shinning beaches leap
Waves exultingly.

Stately, about Lymington,
Rise the forests grand:
Mighty trunk and mossy limb,
Vast, innumerable, dim,
Shadow many a river's brim,
Wandering through the land.

Fair lieth Lymington,
Listening to the sweet
Song the merry lark doth make,
Singing for sweet singing's sake:
Every note that falls, a flake
Of music, at her feet.

Pleasant paths hath Lymington,
Flowery ways, and fair;
Shelter'd glades and sunny fields,
Shades wherein the mavis builds,
Slopes the dying sunset gilds
With heav'nly glories rare.

Maidens sweet hath Lymington,
Stately men and tall:
But the fairest thing to me
Is the friend she gave; and he
Ever to my heart shall be,
The dearest of them all.

Songs are these of Lymington,
In spare moments sung:
These a poet's gift I make;
These I ask of you to take,
For sweet love, and for the sake
Of days when we were young.

Pictures of Lymington town and countryside