A walk around Lymington
St Thomas's Street
Monmouth House (now a care home) was built in 1650. During the Monmouth Rebellion of 1685 it was the home of Mrs Knapton who was a supporter of the conspirators.

Book: Hampshire by Robert Mudie 1838
The conspirators, who were planning how the town might most efficiently second the designs of Monmouth, met at the house of Mrs. Knapton, where they assisted themselves in their cogitations with pipes and ale. During one of their meetings they got intelligence that a party to apprehend them had entered the town. Upon this, Mrs. Knapton despatched them by the back windows, removed the pipes and drinking vessels, and, in order to cloak the real cause of the hugue of tobacco in the room, muffled up her jaws in flannel; so that when the party entered, they found nothing but an old woman to all appearance grievously afflicted with the tooth ache, and puffing at a tobacco pipe with all her might as means of relief.

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