Lymington River - c1945 map
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On the southern side of what is now the Lymington Shores housing development.

The picture is from a postcard sent in June 1947, the picture itself probably wasn't taken during the war so it must have either been taken just after the war or pre-war in the 30s.

Below are the stories of two lads who lived on houseboats in the same spot in the early 50s.

Michael Ian Byard
John B Dickinson

Local aerial view 1959

Below is the text on the postcard:

Mr & Mrs L Hutchings
The Poplars
173 Croydon Rd

20. 6. 47

Dear Mummy & Daddy,

Thanks very much for the letter and soap. Tonight I will treat myself to a really good wash. Today I have bussed into Bournemouth, to say goodbye to the sea. It's grey & raining, but quite pleasant and I have just enjoyed a walk along the promenade. Also ventured on the sands, which are exceptionally firm and golden.

Norley Wood is a very jolly little hostel & I know several of the people there, as they were on the Isle of Wight. There is some very lovely countryside nearby & Lymington is a nice town, but has no sea front. The picture is of the harbour in which I landed.

I hope daddy's indigestion is better. Love and good wishes, Peggy xxxx

There was a Youth Hostel at Norleywood from 1939 to 1983.




Lymington River - c1945