IOW ferry, Lymington - c1965 map
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  The PS Freshwater operated a ferry service between Lymington and Yarmouth from1927 to 1959. She was then renamed the Swanage Queen and continued in service along the Sussex coast,  between Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings before finally coming to rest in a scrapyard in Belgium in 1962. info

Lymington to Yarmouth Ferries
PS Glasgow 1830-49
PS Solent 1841-61
PS Red Lion 1858-80
PS Solent II 1863-1901
PS Mayflower 1866-1910
PS Lymington 1893-1929
PS Solent 1902-48
PS Freshwater 1927-59
MV Lymington 1938-73
PMV Farringford 1948-74
MV Freshwater 1959-83
MV Cenwulf 1973-2009
MV Cenred 1974-2009
MV Caedmon 1983-2009
MV Wight Light 2009 -
MV Wight Sky 2009 -
MV Wight Sun 2009 -

As far back as the 1850s the Lymington vessels ran with "tow-boats" attached, conveying carriages and cattle (and later motor cars) to the Isle of Wight. After 1938, this practice ceased, for in that year the new t.s.m.v. Lymington appeared, a double-ended vessel of car ferry type.




IOW ferry, Lymington - c1965