Bournemouth Pier - c1870 map


History of Bournemouth Pier

A 100 foot wooden jetty was completed on 2nd August 1856. It was replaced in 1861 by a 1000 foot wooden pier designed by George Rennie. This opened on 17th September 1861 having cost £3,418.
The piles were replaced in cast iron in 1866 and the ‘T’ shaped head was swept away by a gale in January 1867. In 1876, a storm rendered the structure unfit for steamers. It was demolished and replaced by a temporary construction in time for the 1877 season.

Eugenius Birch designed the 838 foot iron pier at a cost of £21,600. It opened on 11th August 1880. Covered shelters and a bandstand were added to the pier-head in 1855, followed by extensions in 1894 and 1905. The new landing stage increased the pier’s length to 1,000 feet.

Breached as an anti-invasion measure in 1940, the repaired pier was re-opened by 1946. The pier-head was reconstructed in 1950 and a concrete substructure was built in 1960 to carry the new pier theatre.

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Bournemouth Pier - c1870