Memories and local history


The Last Day of Steam - on the Lymington Branch Line by Malcolm Surl from Cornwall (added 8-10-2016)

Memories of the early fifties and a young boys dream
- by John B Dickinson (added 9-7-2014)

Memories of Lymington
- by Michael Ian Byard MA, BA Hons (added 18-8-2013)

Stories about World War 2 - by John Lewis (added 23-11-2012) 

More stories my grandfather told me - by John Lewis (added 25-8-2012) 

Beaulieu Aerodrome - by John Lewis (added 19-8-2012) 

Stories my grandfather told me - by John Lewis (added 25-6-2012) 

Lymington Calling Book - by Colin Bower (added 25-11-2007) 

Lymington Memories - by W K Knight (added 24-3-2007)     (Comments on Lymington Memories)

Lymington Ferry - by W K Knight  (added 4-8-2006) 

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Local history

Elmer's Court
- A Brief History (added 9-11-2015)

Hannah Lakey
- "Queen of the New Forest Gypsies" (added 20-4-2014)

Fred Keeping - competed in the 1896 Summer Olympics (added 16-6-2012)

Colonel Peter Hawker - published “Advice to Young Sportsmen”, in 1814 (added 20-12-2011) 

William Allingham, A Diary - the chapters covering the poet's Lymington years (added 16-12-2011) 

Lymington Railway - The Railway Magazine article from February 1956 (added 18-11-2011) 

The Salt Industry of Lymington - Lymington was the main producer of sea salt in the 18th century (added 19-5-2011) 

Brockenhurst Tennis Week - it was one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the country (added 8-11-2010)