St. Mary's Stadium, Southampton
Southampton 3 Brighton 0

The Brighton fans are actually very vocal, they sing-
  We are Brighton
  We are Brighton
  We are beautiful Brighton from the south
(at the same time pointing at the Saints fans)

And then the Saints (pointing at the Brighton fans), sing-
  We are Southampton
  We are Southampton
  We are Southampton, we're top of the league

The first half, they were about equal and Brighton were putting up a good show.
The second half, the Saints started to improve and when Rickie Lambert scored, the stadium erupted, and then the Saints started singing-
  Who's sorry now

After 3 goals Brighton fans were quiet, and then suddenly they had one final burst of singing-
  Were so disappointed
  Were so disappointed
  Were so disappointed with the ref

At this the Saints fans applauded them!

St. Mary's Stadium, Southampton - Southampton v Brighton