Shockwave (operated by Dorset Cruises) gives a speedboat ride from Bournemouth Pier.

Shockwave cruises at 40 knots and can carry 12 people. The awesome jet-propulsion on this boat allows her to surf down the waves, spin in her own length, perform handbrake turns and emergency stops. Shockwave is based at Bournemouth Pier and runs throughout the summer, dependent on weather conditions. Booking is not necessary, rides are available at Bournemouth Pier on a first come first serve basis.

Blue 7 Charters Ltd, Parkstone Bay Marina, Turks Lane, Poole, Dorset BH14 8EW Website
Bournemouth Pier
  Dates and times
Shockwave operates from Bournemouth Pier from June to September.
There are a number of easily accessible car parks nearby.
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Shockwave - Bournemouth Pier
Shockwave - Bournemouth Pier map