Poole Windsurfing
Poole Harbour has a specially designated area that is only for watersports users, giving loads of open space and safe shallow waters with no worry of hitting any boats! The effective season for Windsurfing in Poole Harbour is from May through to October.

The windsurfing school is run from a (very well equipped, inc. portable shower!) Poole Windsurfing Van at the harbour side (always in the same location).  Property prices are the one downfall of the Sandbanks peninsular, being the 4th most expensive place to buy property in the world!

Poole Windsurfing teach in small groups, always with the same experienced instructors, using the latest equipment.
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Poole Windsurfing
Poole Windsurfing
Map - Poole Windsurfing Poole Windsurfing