Crazy Golf
There seems to be a resurgence of Crazy Golf in the region with Bournemouth and Poole councils spending a lot of money restoring the courses shown here.
Boscombe is the most spacious course and I think the best. Bournmouth is the most popular but you often see people queueing to go onto the next hole. The sandbanks course just happens to be next to one of the best beaches in the UK and the newly restored course in Poole Park is the smallest but very popular and with many other activities in the park. The Fisherman’s Walk course is on the clifftop above another excellent beach.
Boscombe Chine Gardens Mini Golf
Crazy Golf, Fisherman’s Walk, Bournemouth Sandbanks Crazy Golf, Poole
Crazy Golf, Poole Park Crazy Golf, Lower Gardens Mini Golf, Bournemouth
1 Fisherman’s Walk, Bournemouth Map
2 Sandbanks Crazy Golf, Poole Map
3 Crazy Golf, Poole Park, Map
4 Lower Gardens Mini Golf, Bournemouth Map
5 Boscombe Chine Gardens Mini Golf Map
Map of Crazy Golf  courses